About Us

UniSwift was established to provide high-quality sporting products at a reasonable price. All athletes and sportsmen deserve quality and equality regardless of their financial backgrounds. Identifying ourselves as career makers, we adhere to every athlete's requirements.We take pride in manufacturing multiple Sporting products like Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Mixed Martial arts and Judo. Additionally, We have included lifestyle and fitness apparel.

As part of the company's policy, we strive to provide relentless comfort, safety, and durability for our clients.Sportwear designed by UniSwift is scientifically analyzed to meet the needs, conditions, and body type of athletes.

Rather than competing, we believe in creating new ideas and innovations. Our company values your demand by providing inventions that boost your game-playing ability. All levels of users are served by us, whether they are beginners or professionals.

The real champions are the athletes, and we endure by assisting them. Based on this thought, UniSwift was founded in 2019 by Mr. Usman Farooq as the Founder of the company. As of now, we have more than 40 people associated with us in order to make a sporting world.

Our History 

Our principle company BinIkram Industries (Pvt) Ltd (Formarly known as Scitech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd) founded by my father in 2004 has been a primary technology provider for thermo-laminated soccer balls in Pakistan. We provided a complete line of machinery which was used in the production of Brazuca and TELSTAR 18, official world cup 2014’s and 2018's ball. Moreover, also produced technology for the production of Olympics, Champions League, Euro Cup, and many other famous League Soccer Balls.

Binikram is among the leading service providers for sports machinery and materials, carpet, artificial leather and needle punch fiber in the country. Moreover, we have been extensively involved in Radiation Shielding projects at Shoukat Khanum Memorial Trust Hospital and Diagnostic Centers. In 2009, Binikram has started its trading wing named as UniSwift and as well as IT wing that later formed into an independent Ecommerce entity and among the leading name in industry, "Alchemative".

Our Vision

Sports industry at large supports athletes and enthusiasts to develop an ecosystem in communities around the globe for positive passion and healthy lifestyle development. We at UniSwift envision to produce enthusiasm and providing goods that could also create a spark for rest of the population as well to initiate a new lifestyle that can embark them towards a better and productive life.

Founder of UniSwift

UniSwift was founded in 2019 by Mr. Muhammad Usman Farooq as the Founder of the company.